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To a certain degree we are hostage to what others want to tell us. Far from wishing to fall into a transcendental conception of olive oil, TALDARROBA S.L. has its feet planted firmly on the ground, which is precisely where everything begins. Over recent decades, we have witnessed opposing ideas in relation to the benefits or detriments this eminently Spanish product has on the health. Nowadays, fortunately, everything that is said or written is subject to rigorous examination to determine its veracity, which must be confirmed using methods precise enough to prevent the false expectations created by certain products. Traceability is the guarantee.

TALDARROBA extra virgin olive oil quite simply tells us that this is a top-quality product, the central pillar of the Mediterranean Diet, but without straying from reality. It is true that there are studies endorsing the antioxidant properties of certain varieties of olive oil, such as picual. The polyphenol content of this kind of oil is what gives it that power – as exploited as it is real – however. But it is not the task of TALDARROBA S.L. to speak of the goodness of olive oil; rather its mission is to place high-quality olive oil with an extraordinary flavour in the hands of consumers.

We are used to ignoring the potential of the raw materials available in our country; we need to appreciate the real value of things, no more, no less, without underrating the rest, however, and of course, we must remain open to continuous improvement, expansion, progress and the technological advances that preserve each and every one of the properties of our oil.

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