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The guest of honour for white fish, mild sauces, vegetables and bittersweet salads

A delicate, sweet flavour with hints of apple, banana and almond achieving a fresh aroma of ripe fruits.

Taldarroba arbequina maintains a marked identity in spite of its fluidity and mildness, which by no means evokes the pungency of the virgin fruit.

It is the guest of honour for white fish, vegetables and bittersweet salads. Its discretion makes it an essential component of mild sauces and confectionery. It nuances flavours, yet eludes prominence. You know it’s there, but you cannot see it.

And if it weren’t there, you would definitely miss it.


A mild, fruity flavour, practically devoid of any pungency, Taldarroba arbequina oil is harmonious, balanced and perfect for light meals and confectionery.

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