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We are all aware of the diversity of oils the geography of Spain offers. They may be presented to consumers in the form of a combination of olive oils or a single variety may be selected. When flavours and aromas are scrupulously blended to attain the utmost harmony, what we have is a coupage olive oil; when a single fruit variety is involved in the production process as the raw material, we have a monovarietal olive oil.

Taldarroba presents its three Extra Virgin Olive Oil options, Coupage, Arbequina and Picual, each of them splendid in terms of its organoleptic characteristics – aroma, flavour, texture and colour –, to adapt every oil type to a particular gastronomy.

Just as with wine pairing is fundamental for appreciation of the product’s worth, we must remember that the intensity and flavours of extra virgin olive oil should be combined with foods according to their properties. Taldarroba only offers Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the pure, natural juice extracted directly from the olives at the peak of their ripeness, produced using only mechanical means.

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